How do I get hits to my site? part 2

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There's no secret; it really is this simple. And, this is one of the rare cases where a focused train of thought doesn't work as well as working on everything at once. There's no way to separate these methods because they're all connected. Separate them and the supply of new resources, that one supplies to another is broken (affiliates building your list through promoting your product for example) and you have to resort to what the majority of the people out there are doing to their detriment. Starting all over again each time they launch a product which is both expensive and time consuming, and not in anyone’s best interest no matter what the business. ? Let’s look at some numbers to back this up, starting with a simple joint venture that brings two thousand visits to your site from someone’s personal list. Two thousand isn't a lot by any means, especially not spread over multiple JV's, and it's not a

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hard thing to achieve. With the quality of these list types, as we discussed earlier, it's not unheard of for subscription rates to total 25% of visits if your sales copy and resource builders are doing their job. ? This may not seem like a lot right now, but when just ten small joint ventures makes a list of 5k, and who knows how many affiliates, future contacts and customers all working together. It sure adds up. Once you hit that five thousand mark, you're set, because each resource has already started to build the other, as long as you never separate these ten joint ventures for one product, either with new contacts, current contacts, your customers and your affiliates. Remember we talked about ramping up your commissions to ridiculous levels on your intro products? This is why. How many visits would a measly one hundred affiliates, coupled with JV’s with the top performers, bring you? And how many out of those thousands of visits do we know subscribe to lists and free stuff? When you have some time start to work out some numbers, make them conservative, very conservative, and watch how using this system you can easily pull massive amounts of promotion power and profit from the smallest number of resources and quickly too. ? Moving onto question three. I've bought X number of guides already, why didn't they work? This is a huge question, and the people that ask this often don't realize that a whole book could be written about why other guides didn't work for them. This is why it's such a hard question to answer directly to the frustration of the person asking and the person trying to answer. ? I had a brainwave back when I started out. I just couldn't figure out why I wasn't being a success. I said to myself 'When I become a success I'm going to write a book, or a guide, answering all these questions that I can't find answers to and make sure the readers have the answers that I don't'. This was the first ever idea in my concepts folder. Six or Seven years later, you're reading one of those very manuals.

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